ABFs (Sunday Bible Classes)

What are ABFs?

Adult Bible Fellowships

Adult: They are groups of people wanting to grow in their personal lives and to connect with others in the congregation.
Bible: They focus on the teaching and application of the Word of God to daily living in today’s culture.
Fellowship: They also focus on relationships, while equipping people for service and sharing their faith.

Adult Bible Fellowships are groups for study and fellowship, organized around the Sunday morning adult Bible study hour, often called Sunday School.
Our desire is to equip people to lead others to Christ and coach them to live for Him with purpose and abandon.

First-Hour ABF’s (meet at 9 a.m.) Lititz Campus

The Bereans (Led by Mike Lutz & Matt Weaver) – In Acts 17:11, the Apostle Paul observed that the Bereans were more noble than the Thessalonians because they received Paul's teaching with ready minds but searched the Scriptures daily to determine whether the things Paul taught were so! 
We invite anyone, regardless of age or marital status, who wants to better understand the Bible and how to apply it to your life to come and study the Bible with us.
Current Study: Personal Evangelism - How to confidently engage others and share the Good News of salvation with them.

Horizons (Led by Bob White) –  Married couples’ class with an emphasis on studying marriage, finances and parenting-related topics; monthly socials as well.
Current Study: In Sacred Marriage writer and speaker Gary Thomas invites you to see how God can use marriage as a discipline and a motivation to reflect more of the character of Jesus.
When will it start? - Sunday, April 30th - 9:00 am in the Art Room
How long will it last: 6-8 weeks
RSVP to reserve a workbook: Bob White -

Second Hour ABF’s (meet at 10:45 a.m.) Lititz Campus

Encouragers  – Encouragers is a “come as you are”, “come when you can” kind of ABF. It is a diverse group from a variety of backgrounds and ages, from parents with teens to empty nesters, teens and young adults, middle aged and senior adults. What unites us is a desire to serve God and others, study and apply God’s word and fellowship and love each other. You can learn more about us and stay up to date on our latest happenings by following us on Facebook.
Current Study: Diverse facets of Christian living

Enterprise (Led by Linford Youndt and Ron Moore) – Wide-range of ages (18-90). Anyone is welcome! Our focus is on detailed Bible Study.
Current study: 2nd Corinthians - Want to rise above the "daily grind" of today's culture? Come join us for this in depth and life changing study.

Navigators (Led by Chet Halstead and Clyde Martin) – The Navigator ABF is a congenial group of empty-nesters, ages 50+. Along with the study of God’s Word, the vital role of prayer is stressed. Monthly social times are enjoyed by the class. Always happy to welcome new faces!
Current Study: The walk and words of the people of the Bible

Seekers (Led by Pastor Whitie Willard) – Adults of any age who enjoy fellowship, Bible study, application and discussion on a wide range of Biblical topics.
Current study: Book of Judges - What is it that causes the spiritual decline and fall of a nation? What forces are at play? Is there ever a time when all hope is gone? Come learn with us how to have victory and avoid the cycle of defeat and decline that challenges each of us!

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