September Leadership Update

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1. As we move forward with strategic planning for the future I am seeking to align each ministry division of the church to the ministry model so that every endeavor here at Grace Church Lititz campus is pulling in the same direction in accordance with our vision.
2. Because we are now in phase two of developing a strategy and vision at the Elder team level, my desire is to be a conduit for all of our staff to the planning process. This new org chart helps to accomplish this by giving me direct access to each area of ministry and permitting the staff team to implement the model and plan ministry directions together.

Today in our service, we are honoring Alyssa Weaver for her time of service here at Grace Church as our Mission Coordinator. She has done a fantastic job in this position and we are grateful for her faithful and effective service! Beginning this month Alyssa has been called by the Lord to a new ministry position in New York City. We will miss her and we wish her every future success in her new responsibilities.

We will not be filling Alyssa’s position with a new staff person, but rather we have decided to combine portions of the Mission role with our Connections Ministry and reassign other Mission Coordinator responsibilities to other staff and/or volunteers. Subsequently, we have hired Jessica Martin as our full-time Connections Coordinator. This move allows us to invest in the foundational infrastructure here in Lititz while maintaining our commitment to our mission partners. Additionally, it shrinks our staffing overhead cost and begins to move us toward more appropriate staffing ratios for the size of our flock at this present time. Please join me in welcoming Jess to her new full time role and pray for all of us who serve here on staff at Grace. We will continue to adjust staff organizational structure as we move forward so that we can be most effective as we serve the church.

A final note is that we have also changed Pastor Andy Sparks’ title from that of Pastor of Administration to Executive Pastor. This change was made to more accurately reflect his duties and provides him with a ministry position title that is more in line with generally accepted ministry descriptions in the pastoral profession.

As we develop the new ministry model I will keep you updated on progress monthly and at some future point additional opportunities for congregational interaction with our elders will be provided.

Thank You,
Pastor Tim


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