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 The elders have asked if I would do a monthly update for the congregation on the direction we are heading and action steps we are taking during this transitional time in the ministry of Grace Church, Lititz Campus. Early on I sketched out for the elders a process plan, which they have approved for this year of interim work. The plan follows the pathway listed here.

 February 5 – April 16: Focus on Healing and Stability of the Church

April 16 – June 30: Focus on Planning: Surveys and Models of Doing and Being Church

July 1 – September 30: Focus on Positioning the Church for Growth and Witness

Oct. 1 – Dec. 31: Focus on Implementing Growth Strategies

Jan-Feb 2018: Alignment of all ministries staffing and programs

Presently, we are winding down this initial phase of our assignment having focused on the work of Christ for His church and with the belief that turning our eyes upon Jesus would bring both a calmness and sense of purpose to our future deliberations. By remembering all that our Lord has done and by setting our eyes on Him, our faith is increased and our optimism about our future church story is increased. Our prayer is that this will lead to a secure foundation from which to begin the planning process.

As we begin to enter the planning phase of the process, please imagine we are hitting a “reset” button, clearing out present and past distractions and asking God, “Who Are We as a Church”, and “What is Our Unique Contribution to Christ’s Kingdom Work”? In order to get answers to these questions we will be inviting you our congregation here in Lititz to engage in a survey that will cover seven areas of church experience. The survey will take about 20 minutes of your time to complete, but will be an incredibly valuable resource for leadership moving forward. We will need 175 persons to complete this survey in order to meet reliable probability and statistical data. Please consider participating in this survey as it would mean providing the elders and myself much needed information to take before the Lord in prayer as we find a path forward.

Additionally, the survey will help us identify and choose a model of ministry that best fits who we are as a church. Our goal is to help Grace Church pursue the correct process and programs of ministry. We want to clearly identify our specific church values so that we can establish and pursue appropriate goals for ministry equipping, evangelism, and engagement of our community.

The Lord tells us He will grant wisdom if we ask (James 1:5) and if we believe (James 1:6). I would ask you to pray that your leaders and I would have God’s wisdom so that any plan we might present to you has His direction, is an obedient step to His revealed will, and benefits His people, for whom He shed His blood, which is more precious than silver or gold (1 Peter 1:17-19). Our Lord loves you, His Church here in Lititz, and He will make a way forward for us if we will but trust Him alone for direction. I look forward to sharing with you each month as we eagerly anticipate God’s work in our midst!



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