July Leadership Update

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The Elder Team has agreed to pursue the following ten step planning process upon Survey completion. Please remember to keep this timeline in prayer.
Step 1:   Coordinate and categorize the survey results. This is especially important for questions 1, 5, and 6 of the Survey Monkey.
Step 2:   Appoint an Enduring Visionary Leadership Team (EVLT) to serve as conveners of focus meetings.
Step 3:   The Elders and Interim Lead Pastor equip the EVLT for their roles and responsibilities. A brief training manual will be produced to that end.
Step 4:   The Congregation is provided with 12 opportunities to attend a focus group to review survey findings, to hear initial responses to the survey from the elders, to impress on members and attendees that their opinions matter and have been heard by leadership, and to call the church family to prayer for God's wisdom and direction.
Step 5:   The Elders take all of the data that has been collected and write a cohesive response to the congregation of what they heard in the focus meetings and from the EVLT leaders.
Step 6:  The Elders embark on the selection of a ministry model that aligns with the Core Values survey and asks the congregation to participate in a Future Ministry Dream conversation as a follow up focus meeting. A Ministry Alignment Plan (MAP) is created.
 The Ministry Alignment Plan includes components of a strategic plan and includes the following:

Identification of the Core Values of the church

Identification of the Mission and Vision of the church 

Identification of the Targeted Mission Audience of the church

Identification of the model to be used

Identification of metrics and accountability.

Step 7:    The Elders launch the MAP in conversations with the congregation and in unity embrace a new visionary chapter in the life of Grace Church. They begin the process by answering the following five questions:
1) Who will be our pastoral leader for this new phase of ministry in the life of Grace Church?
2) What kind of metrics will we put in place to make certain the vision is being pursued and all parties implementing are held accountable?
3) How and with whom will we communicate on an ongoing basis how we are doing in regards to the plan?
4) What do we need to do with budget and staffing to make the plan a reality?
5) What kind of timeline will we give to the plan before evaluating whether the plan needs to be streamlined, re-evaluated or eliminated and a new plan drawn up?
Step 8:   The Elders and EVLT finalize and communicate the MAP to the congregation and answer any final questions.
Step 9:  The Congregation votes to move forward with the plan or votes for a re-thinking of the plan.
Step 10: The plan is implemented and metrics engaged.        
I hope this gives you some idea of how we will take a step-by-step approach to moving from our present transitional stage into our next visionary restart of Grace Church. Please contact me if you want more information on any of these steps and remember we need your input in order to arrive at a Values-Driven Vision for Grace Church.
Pastor Tim Boal
Interim Lead Pastor


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